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  • Dekalog's method of using Brownian Motion creates upper and lower bands that define trending conditions.

    Profiting from an Oversold Market

    The combination of Rate of change and Bollinger bands is an ideal tool for spotting an oversold market. And therefore this is a great buy signal.

  • The Ultimate Signal for Range Bound Trading

    The Ultimate Signal for Range Bound Trading

    Most indicators focus on identifying trends not range bound. But range bound trading can be equally profitable. The trick is to use the right indicator.

  • As quantitative traders, we naturally gravitate towards systems. Having a system in place to handle our inevitable losing streaks can be a great help during difficult times.

    Why You Trade Irrationally

    Over the years, how many blogs posts have you read that preach, proselytize and lecture you on discipline in trading? I bet if you had […]

  • Never Trust a Trend Line with a Stop Loss

    Never Trust a Trend Line with a Stop Loss

    What can we say about trend line? Is there any trader in the world that hasn’t used them? I seriously doubt it. We’ve been told […]


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  • QB Pro Update for July

    QB Pro Update for July

    The performance for July brought a modest increase of 2.27%. It’s the summer, so things are unfortunately rather quiet...

  • Five Different Dojis

    Five Different Dojis

    Any doji candle signals market indecision and the potential for a change in direction by price action.  (Always bear in...

  • Using Correlation To Increase Returns

    Using Correlation To Increase Returns

    As an investor, my goal is to earn as much money as possible with the principle investment dollars I have. With that said,...

  • A Personal Trading Process

    A Personal Trading Process

    Once I have identified the pair that I feel has the strongest trend based on the Daily chart, I will usually enter on a 4...

  • The Dimension of Time in Trading

    Introducing a time element to your trailing stops can help to make sure that your strategy isn't wasting capital with positions that trade sideways for extended periods of time.

    The trading blogosphere is full of articles about the importance of timing your trade. Certainly, it’s important; identifying...

  • Autocorrelation

    The angle with a 60% correlation is 53°. They're kind of close together, but not too close.

    It’s the 4th of July weekend. My wife is running errands this afternoon and my youngest son is napping. I can’t...

  • Back on track [QB Pro]

    Back on track [QB Pro]

    You’ll recall the drawdown that began at the end of March this year. That coincided with major shifts in every currency...

  • Measure Yourself as a Hedge Fund

    Using a simple currency hedging strategy can help limit the potential downside of a single trade.

    To the average trader, the idea of comparing yourself to a hedge fund may sound a bit absurd. What does a hedge fund, which...

  • Effective Trendline Navigation

    Effective Trendline Navigation

    As with virtually any trading scenario, we must first determine the direction that we need to trade the pair for the greatest...

  • Trading Exotic Currencies

    Trading Exotic Currencies

    When we say something is exotic, we mean mysterious, exciting and perhaps flavored with a little bit of danger. Exotic currencies...