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    Should you start a forex broker?

    A friend of mine in Ireland was absolutely convinced that I should set out and start my own forex brokerage. Don’t you just buy a […]

  • Free blow up insurance?

    Free blow up insurance?

    Last week’s drama with the collapse in the EURCHF peg hammers home an uncomfortable truth: you can lose more in your account than you deposit. […]

  • FX brokers are led to the slaughterhouse.

    Did your broker go bankrupt this morning?

    It’s an absolute bloodbath in the FX markets. The tide’s gone out and it’s now very apparent who has good risk management systems in place […]

  • What’s the Story on Lagging Indicators?

    What’s the Story on Lagging Indicators?

    A  question that I get asked quite a bit has to do with “lagging indicators”.  Many traders will deride them and are hesitant to use […]


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