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Double Sevens Free Expert Advisor

To illustrate the best of converting strategies from theory to practical Expert Advisors, we will look at the trading strategy “Double Sevens.” This trading strategy is based on buying and selling pairs based on their position relative to their moving average. Buy signals will be entered when trading patterns are spotted above the moving average, while sell signals will be entered when the corresponding trading patterns are entered below the moving average.

When a bar closes at the highest or lowest bar relative to the previous seven bars’ closes, the Expert Advisor triggers the corresponding buy or sell order. The strategy boasts a 60% “success” rate, with more than half of the trades profitably closing out. This simple strategy doesn’t utilize stop loss or take profit orders. However, the losing trades outweigh the winning trades.

This simple strategy illustrates the ease through which trading ideas can be programmed into workable expert advisors. While “Double Sevens” is a relatively simple strategy, traders can add or strip away varying degrees of complexity to their coded strategies to develop the algorithm they want. A simple strategy like Double Sevens, for example, can be customized in numerous ways to improve its performance, from restricting the pairs it trades on, to shifting the stop loss and take profit ratio. OneStepRemoved.com’s programmers will work with you to not only build your initial strategy, but also to refine the strategy further.