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Set files in MetaTrader provide traders with an easy way to share the settings used in an expert advisor with a friend. Or in our case, it allows you to share settings with the programming team.

We frequently ask for set files in the course of MQL Debugging. One of the most common sources of frustration for our clients is when we send an EA and they think it doesn’t work for some reason. The most common cause is that the client inputs settings that cause the EA to never find trades.

It seems obvious enough for users to self-report the settings used. Unfortunately, many people overlook settings or sometimes enter them incorrectly without realizing it. Using set files and log files allows us to analyze what occurred for certain instead of what the user believes to have happened.

Creating a set file is very simple.

  1. Place your EA on a chart or open the strategy tester.
  2. You will next see the inputs tab (i.e., EA settings) on the screen. Change the settings to what you intend to use.
  3. On the right side, you will see two buttons. Click on Save. I recommend that you save the file to an easy location such as the desktop.
  4. Reply to your support ticket email with the set file attached.



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